As a successful businessman with decades of experience in commercial real estate, Charlie Fiveash is running for the State Senate because he believes he has the experience and leadership needed to bring prosperity and an enhanced quality of life for Northside families. With a desire to serve his neighbors, Charlie is the kind of political outsider we need in the General Assembly.

    Charlie Fiveash knows the path to attracting high-paying jobs to our area begins with excellent schools for our children. We must prepare them to compete in a global marketplace while developing a world-class workforce in Atlanta to ensure continued growth with developing industries.
    During his career as a businessman in the commercial real estate industry, Charlie saw firsthand the limits government regulations can have on growing a business. That’s why he will fight to eliminate burdensome regulations, cut taxes for individuals and job creators, and make government a partner for small businesses, as opposed to an obstacle.
    Charlie Fiveash will fight in the General Assembly to make sure the transportation dollars we pay come back to our district to address congestion needs. It’s time our elected leaders think outside the box to find real solutions for the mobility issues in Atlanta. It’s time the legislature gain the perspective of a businessman.

Charlie Fiveash will be the strong voice we need in the State Senate to keep our area flourishing for the next generation. During this campaign he will work tirelessly to communicate with voters his conservative vision for the state. Then, as our senator, he will turn that vision into action for us.